Who called me from 01225 535084

This phone number is located in Bath, 01225 area code.

Lorna Harris28/10/21 09:33
I have just had yet another call from these people, and am thoroughly sick fed up it. They swear blind you have a contract with them, and become very aggressive when you tell them you don't. I have been threatened with court action and the last time they called after the usual argument, I cut the call. They immediately called back and my son took the phone and spoke to them. They were also very aggressive with him. They immediately called back, so we let the phone ring - it went on so long I ended up pulling the plug out of the wall. Why are these people getting away with this?
Graham27/10/21 16:33
Called my mother in law saying she owed money and they would take her to court if she didn't pay the appliance money and would take it out of her account anyway. They put the phone down when she said she'd pass them over to my wife (Her daughter). They called again later using 0204 5310883.
Dave27/10/21 15:09
Caller new my elderly father's name and address and claimed to to be phoning about insurance on kitchen appliances, which I had personally cancelled months previously. He suggested that there might be duplicate policies in place, and said that there would be a cancellation fee of £159 to end the policy his company were apparently providing. The phone then went dead. I checked my father's bank statements for the last 12 months and only the payments that I had cancelled previously were on it. I therefore presume this call was some form of scam.

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01225 535084

01225 5350 84

01225 535 084

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