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0203514813620/12/21 19:06
This is fraudulent! Scam sending mobile phone after gaining your personal details they set up fraudulent phone contracts using your details. Asian male operators They change phone numbers regularly to avoid contact. Phone companies know they use several legitimate company names, fonehouse, Vodafone, car phone warehouse etc
0784677566130/11/21 12:43
Scammer. Tried to scam me into buying fake crypto currency from a known scammer website
0127380608517/11/21 13:43
Same here. This number is a SCAM caller.
0127380608517/11/21 13:34
Caller asked me my name then hung up. I called back on a different phone and was told: "...Sales and marketing. If you would like to opt out of furure calls, please press 9" Scam!
0744144265716/11/21 12:03
INSTAGRAM SCAM They will try to contact you via Instagram to ask you to invest in bitcoins. Very dangerous, be carefull.
0170477326611/11/21 14:26
This number has rang me twice but when I tried to ring it back the line is dead or it tells me the line is not recognised
0120883464709/11/21 10:41
Cornwall NHS
0178286150605/11/21 13:20
SCAMMERS PRETENDING TO BE VIRGIN MEDIA. Drained my grandparents bank account
0208638424005/11/21 11:21
0752063790703/11/21 10:17
Someone called me by this phone number +44 7520 637907 . I lived in Thailand. No one speak for 5 second and hung up.
0148223557302/11/21 10:11
This was flagged as "suspected scam", but in fact it is an authorised line from the University of Hull Creative Writing Dept.
0122553508428/10/21 09:33
I have just had yet another call from these people, and am thoroughly sick fed up it. They swear blind you have a contract with them, and become very aggressive when you tell them you don't. I have been threatened with court action and the last time they called after the usual argument, I cut the call. They immediately called back and my son took the phone and spoke to them. They were also very aggressive with him. They immediately called back, so we let the phone ring - it went on so long I ended up pulling the plug out of the wall. Why are these people getting away with this?
0122553508427/10/21 16:33
Called my mother in law saying she owed money and they would take her to court if she didn't pay the appliance money and would take it out of her account anyway. They put the phone down when she said she'd pass them over to my wife (Her daughter). They called again later using 0204 5310883.
0122553508427/10/21 15:09
Caller new my elderly father's name and address and claimed to to be phoning about insurance on kitchen appliances, which I had personally cancelled months previously. He suggested that there might be duplicate policies in place, and said that there would be a cancellation fee of £159 to end the policy his company were apparently providing. The phone then went dead. I checked my father's bank statements for the last 12 months and only the payments that I had cancelled previously were on it. I therefore presume this call was some form of scam.
0203524795327/10/21 09:30
Office noise, then a woman’s voice “Hello.” When I said “Who’s calling, please?”, she hung up. A nuisance call - we are registered with TPS - and I suspect that it was a sales or scam call.
0120215973625/10/21 13:57
Male voice (Chris automated, but not obviously so). Claimed to be an independent energy advisor, and that 'my property' had come up on an energy register. An issue with the loft insulation - Hung up after being told it was a commercial business. A very convincing patter with the right amount of pauses to make you think its a real person.
0120215972625/10/21 10:09
This is a spam call from the Bournmouth area claiming to be our local energy advisor.
0120215971322/10/21 13:19
Energy supply scam ! Just hang up on him
0120215972922/10/21 12:00
01202159729 Spam scam fraud theft phishing Silent call to my TPS registered landline. Spposedly Dorset England but likely a spoofed overseas call centre number
0120215973022/10/21 09:06
Who are these people they ring asking for information about the Tory insulation scheme for loft lagging you've had done when you haven't & they have access to ex-directory numbers.
0120215971421/10/21 14:13
A scam call from “Energy Adisors” in my postcode area. Hang up and block.

Common Phone Scams

This is some of the most popular phone scams. Never reveal any personal or financial information unless you can confirm the callers identity. When in doubt hung up the phone straight away.

One-ring scams

The scam starts whith a call from an unknown number that rings you once only. These calls originate from premium rate numbers. When you ring the number back your will be charged a high fee. Beware of numbers starting with 084, 087, 090, 091 or 098.

Voice mail message

These are similar to one-ring scams. The scammers leave you a voice mail message telling you that you won a vacation or a prize and in order to claim the prize you need to ring them back. When you ring the number provided your will be charged a high fee.

Bank scams

Someone will call you claiming to be from your bank , the caller will tell you that there is an issue with your account our bank card. Beware of this scam the callers might sound very convincing, they will ask you for your card and account details, including PIN number. Your bank will never ask you for this details. If in doubt hung up and call the number on the back of your bank card.

HMRC scams

Someone calls you claiming to be from HMRC asking your for your bank details to issue you a tax refund or that you have an overdue payment, sometimes threatening to sue you. If you can’t confirm the callers identity hung up and call the number on HMRC website.

Lottery winner or free vacations

The scammers will call you telling your that you won a prize or vacation. They will normally ask you for a payment to secure your prize. This is a very common scam, never reveal any personal or financial information to the caller.

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